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NDIS Core Supports: What Are They?

The four areas of support that make up NDIS Core Supports are adaptable and can be used to support you in carrying out daily tasks. Core Supports concentrate on addressing your present needs that are connected to your disability. NDIS Core Supports focus on assisting you in achieving your goals and objectives.

We have the right experienced and highly qualified support staff that can meet your specific needs, regardless of your disability or the type of support required. Every individual with a disability has certain needs that are unique from others. Your NDIS funding is intended to assist you in receiving the right service to help you manage your disability and accomplish your goals and objectives.

Our Perth Disability Support Service team provide a top rated NDIS Disability Support Service to NDIS participants in Perth, Western Australia, and via Telehealth Australia-wide.

We provide the following NDIS Disability Services:

NDIS Community Participation: NDIS Community Participation will help you take part in social, community, and recreational activities, funded through your NDIS Plan. We will support you in taking part in NDIS Community Access activities, NDIS Core Supports, and NDIS In-Home Care activities.

NDIS Household Tasks: NDIS Household Tasks service will give you the assistance you need to maintain your house, whether it is with cleaning, washing, cooking, or general maintenance. Our friendly and experienced support staff can help you maintain your independence so you can accomplish everyday tasks with ease.

NDIS Assist – Travel / Transport: Whether you need to travel for work, education, leisure, hang out with friends or any other reason, we will help you get there and back with safe, reliable and dependable transportation.

NDIS Assist – Personal / Daily Activities: Our NDIS Disability Support team can help you achieve your daily tasks and activities, morning routines, personal hygiene, cooking, food preparation, helping you attend appointments, assistance with moving homes or changing anything around your home. Whatever your reason might be our qualified and experienced support staff will be able to support you.

NDIS Life Skills / Development: The aim of developing life skills is to increase your self-esteem and confidence so that you can live independently. Our Disability Support team will help you develop a plan that includes the right support team and resources that are designed for your specific needs so you can accomplish your goals and objectives.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to fostering connections with each and every one of our NDIS Participants. Our goal is to give you the best assistance possible, we achieve this by empowering our community, actively listening to you, and responding to you right away.

Contact us today to discuss your specific disability support needs and how we can support you.

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