November 4, 2021

Premarital Counselling Perth | Pre Marriage Counselling

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Premarital Counselling Perth

Pre Marriage Counselling is available to couples in a relationship at Lion Counselling and Psychology Perth, West Perth, WA office.

Pre Marital Counselling is a great opportunity for Perth couples to explore and discuss a wide range of topics to form a healthy relationship. You will be able to discuss various topics around pre marital counselling with a qualified and experienced relationship counsellor. Your counsellor will help you envision and identify how you would like your future relationship to look like and how you can achieve it together with your partner.


Premarital Counselling

Premarital Counselling focuses on the different areas of your relationship, these areas include:


Your first session focuses on identifying and selecting various realistic goals including short, medium, and long term goals, goals for yourself and as a couple. This serves as a great opportunity to discover what you would like your future to look like together and how you can achieve it. Your counsellor will not only focus on the goals of the relationship but also the goals of the individuals.

Boundaries and Values

Identifying and understanding boundaries and values is a significant aspect of any relationship. The idea of boundaries and values can be different for everyone. Your counsellor will help you identify your boundaries and values so you can feel satisfied and safe with your relationship going forward.

Communication Skills

Now, your counsellor will focus your attention on how you can communicate effectively with each other so you can have a happy relationship going forward. Your counsellor will help you identify your strengths and how you can equip your relationship with effective communication skills so you can overcome challenges together.

How To Manage Pre Wedding Stress

Planning and arranging a wedding is often a very stressful and exhausting time and inherently puts extra amounts of stress and pressure on your relationship. Your counsellor will help you manage the pre wedding stress that’s associated with getting married.  Your counsellor will help you make the most out of this extremely special day in your life.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss with your counsellor any topics or issues that’s on your mind.

How Long is a Counselling Session? 60 minutes


Our Perth Counsellors are available from our West Perth Counselling office. Contact us today to book an Individual Counselling appointment or a Relationship Counselling appointment.

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